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I collect lots of lego especially pirates. I like pirates because there's so many tales about them. I don't think I will sail the seven seas or I might end up like most pirates did. I also like collecting other Lego. I like underwater sea voyage, racing cars, in the mountain, and other lego like that.

Say your invited to a friend's birthday and he's turning two or three, Duplo would be a good gift idea! It would be a really good idea because little kids like to invent things. And, if you have a friend who is older, there are lots of lego sets out there for you to choose from. Lego makes a great gift because you can put the sets together or use your imagination and build whatever you want.

If you check out Lego you will find Lego sets like Desert and Aqua. You will also find information on the sets lego has, new stuff coming out, and be able to play some on-line games.

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