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Lisa's Homepage

Hi my name is Lisa. I like barbies. My favourite is Hula Barbie. I think I have 15 or 19 barbies. For a pet I like cats, fish, birds, and dogs. Frogs, no, they hop around too much. I'm not a hop around person. So no frogs for me. So I like Barbies more than anything. And give those frogs to my babysitter.

I used to get barbie magazines from the mail. I used read them when I just got them. But I don't get them anymore. I made my own Barbie magazines. It was fun. My favourite magazine I lost. I liked it a lot. It was the best in the world. I have two books of Barbies. I have too many puppies and dancing Barbie. I think that's what it's called. I don't know. That's what I think. It's a good try anyway. That's my guess. I think that is right.

Go see Barbie for fun. What I saw was cool! I saw make up a story, fashion designer, pen pals, birthday party, and lots more. It was so fun. I loved it!

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