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I have a golden retriever named Rusty. My Mom and Dad chose a golden retriever because it is a playful breed that likes children. He has passed dog training. He will be able to walk around in the house when he is three. I like him because he's nice to me, he does what I tell him for commands, and he is fun to play with. I like to thow the ball for my dog. The one thing I hate to do is pick up his poo!

Other breeds that I would not have and reason's why:

Saint Bernard - Too heavy and slobbery! And they definitely eat too much.

Toy Poodle - Too curly! The curls would get stuck on nails.

Chihuahua - Too small! And would get chased by Felix and Oscar (my neighbours' cats) He would also eat all the taco's (ha,ha).

Pekingnese - Too Bugeyed! They always look like the Ghostbusters when they get scared by ghosts.

Husky - One problem, when my friends would walk in, they will think he's a wolf... and, I like my friends!

You may have one of these dogs and disagree with me, but I love all dogs (especially Rusty, my dog) and I am just having fun!

If you want to learn more about dogs, visit Golden Retrievers for lots of information. And, if any of you kids have dogs, take care of them!

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