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Addicted to Acro!

Every night as we type and stare at our screens
Chatting with, Mom, cuz, son, sis, and the teens
We give BIG ((((((((hugs)))))))), and casually flirt
Sometimes even dishing some "dirt"
there's archjrc (me), with Chantelle at my side
And NuttyD always along for the ride!
taqua, the "Mom" to a lot of the clan
lurazz, always bubbly - the wild Texan!
Lordalexander, Fett's Son, Menace_o, jadight
And Sunnie24 always beaming so bright
Quid who loves the game to end in a tie
AplAde loves to flirt with her "guy"
There's ICEMAN_ and hide
With brews at their side
*Scout, soldier boy, player from the east
Lethal Fangs is deadly to say the least
cherish is sweet we all agree
And the tunes are rock'n with Robbiet
grimmy's there nightly to add to the fun
Trumpetobb enters, the night's just begun!
Pirus, always quick with a smile
Beeski, we haven't seen you in a while!
Cougs, sailormoon, sunnyside, GeorgieKat, kitty
Kingbucko, PJ, Kiljoy, Clarebob - so witty
So many friends, I'm sure there's more
Someone's always knocking at Catwalk's door!

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